Thoughts and Things

What is Counter Culture?  

What are beliefs that I have already that are counter culture?  Or are counter materialism?  Counter capitalism?  Counter stupidity? 

Cook your own food, but go out occasionally to places that value healthy and interesting food.  Support organic and holistic farming. 

Make art, not war.  Make art, not garbage.  Make things that are beautiful, not ugly.  Just make things instead of consuming information and working mindlessly for money without realizing the corporate objective behind most monied work. 

Be awake, not asleep.  Refuse to consume mainstream news or the views that it propagates.  Meditate instead.  Enjoy mindful activities, whether improvised or complex forms passed down through wisdom traditions. 

Exercise in new and bizarre ways.  Do Qi Gong or Yoga.  Move in a way that is outrageously free.  Be healthy.  Have unobstructed energy.  Make moves that nobody would ever think of. 

Do anything possible backwards or upside down.  If there is a way to take another turn or reverse direction, find it and do it.  Get used to doing things another way.  Identify common patterns and go against them.    

Socialize and do that differently, too. 

Don't use technology too much if you are not well directed or able to quickly course correct.  Just turn it off once in a while as a creative act.  See any act as a creative act. 

Do not focus so much on the content technology is delivering so much as how it is being delivered and how this directs your attention and energy.  The medium is the message, but really, energy is everything.  If you cannot use technology for rebel causes then rebel against it or turn it off. 

Can you think of more? 

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